GarCo Sewing Works

Garco Sewing Works

Designing futures, one stitch at a time

GarCo Sewing Works is a design and training center in downtown Rifle, CO. GarCo Sewing Works utilizes volunteers needing job training and transferrable business skills. Working with families referred from the Department of Human Services, mostly single mothers on TANF, Colorado Mountain College and Garfield County are partnering to provide training that leads to self sufficiency.

GarCo Sewing Works uses sewing skills as a platform to teach program participants all aspects of entrepreneurship including: human resources, employee development, accounting, payroll, product development and design, branding, marketing, material sourcing, production, management and on-line sales of goods produced, social media, grant writing, and distribution.

GarCo Sewing Works makes products, primarily grocery bags from sustainable materials or upcycles materials that would otherwise be put in landfills. Local municipalities, agencies and organizations purchase these bags for give-aways, conferences, etc. We also work with small local designers who have products to sew and prefer small lot sizes. Keeping the projects local and using trainees keeps costs low and turn around time minimal. New training opportunities in both design and production yields a win-win for both concerns.