GarCo Sewing Works

An Emphasis on Sustainability

THREE Es of Sustainability as it relates to GarCO Sewing Works’ Goals




1st HOPE:

Environment – Local plastic bag ban leads to upcycling local materials = less in local landfills.
Economics – Garfield County invests for equipment and use of an empty building
Equity – Safe Haven, GSW provides a community work site to train work ethics to those feeling cast aside by societal norms, provide stable and considerate guidance (educational, life and career), cares about participants’ futures both personal and professional.


Environment: Students are helping the community and this results in relief of shame and guilt of being on “public benefits aka, Welfare”
Economics: Students not just getting off welfare, but learning workforce resources, available programs and potential employers. Earning GEDs; Certificates and beginning College Courses.
Equity: Support of each other which lasts on and continues in workplace, parenting support and in school. Making lifelong friends.


Environment – Hospital connection providing sterile(blue) wrap, feed bags, X-games banners, Bank Banners – CMC tee shirt drive
Economics – sustaining the program by accepting donations for training products returned to community; sergers donated, repair work donated
Equity – partnerships with citizens, cities, (Aspen, Durango, Carbondale, Frazer), counties (Garfield, Eagle & Pitkin), companies (MRI, Alpine Bank, High Tails, Ski-CO, etc., etc.)


Economics: Outcomes: Number trained and number off TANF; Classes, certificates earned. Individual Successes- multiple over the nearly 4 years.
Environment: Amount of usable material kept product kept out of landfill; recycling within GSW
Equity: Staff and Job Development and Phase 2: THE WHOLE WORKS is up and hiring! Awarded the Wright Award, best new small business in Colorado!