GarCo Sewing Works

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

Looking to produce American-made custom reusable shopping bags? Look no further…Here at GarCO Sewing Works we pride ourselves in producing made in America products.

Here at GarCo Sewing Works we train single moms in industrial sewing as a means toward self-sufficiency. We have a great community that donates fabric, notions, feed bags, coffee sacks, banks and towns/cities donate their old banners. We make more than reusable bags.

The blue wrap bags are a third generation product. The blue wrap started out as milk bottles or water bottles…then hospitals buy it recycled once…we are recycling it the second time. The material is sterilized in the autoclave as implements are about to be used in surgery…it is then wrapped around a cardboard box that contains the pre-sterilized implements…then re-sterilized…it is discarded before it enters surgery. In order to customize the bag the customer has to create a design and send it to us here at GarCo Sewing Works and we will then get with our artist to create a custom pocket or the other option would be for the customer to already have some sort of pocket or tag that we can put on the bags that will make it custom to them.

The donated fabric comes in small amounts up to yardage. We then will create beanie hats, gators, windshield covers, dust covers, aprons, bags, wine jackets or whatever we can think of, the sky is the limit.

The feed bags get turned into great looking reusable bags and aprons.

We turn the coffee sacks into full or half aprons to either be used at the coffee shop or to be sold.

The banners get turned into heavy duty reusable bags. The banks and the towns/cities will then buy them back from us. They will use the bags for incentives, swag bags for employees or customers, contests, or simple give them to employees to use.

Minimum Orders

The minimum order for the blue wrap bags is 25 and the price varies from $4.00-$6.00 per bag. The price is dependent upon how many pockets you want on the bag.

The minimum order for the feed bag bags is 5 and the price per bag is $5.00

The minimum order for feed bag aprons and coffee sack aprons is 5 and the price per apron is $8.00

The minimum order for banner bags is 5 and the price per bag is $7.00

The wine jackets price per jacket is $5.00

For more information, please contact contact Sarah Bates at 970-440-7059 or at