GarCo Sewing Works


Supporting the students at GarCO Sewing Works is easy.

Donations are handled through the CMC Foundation. One this site, click “GIVE” and then “Make My Gift”.

Indicate you’d like your tax deductible contribution to go to GarCO Sewing Works.

100% of all donations go directly to GARCO Sewing Works.
You will receive a tax donation receipt.

Here’s some examples of the impact your gift can have on our students. Your Donation of:

  • $25 Helps a student get to class (Gasoline Voucher)
  • $50 Pays for a month of phone: talk, text & email which is crucial to get job interviews
  • $100 Buys a student a phone for school, work and communicating with her support system
  • $150 Pays for an eye exam and a new pair of glasses (in partnership with 2020 Eye Care)
  • $250 Pays tuition for a semester long Home Health Care (Personal Care Assistant Certification) which will get them immediate employment
  • $500 Pays for 4 students to take their GED Exams
  • $1000 Helps 10 students get to class for a month