GarCo Sewing Works


In 2012, GarCo Sewing Works opened in collaboration with the Garfield County Board of Commissioners. GarCo Sewing Works offers training in industrial sewing for ongoing TANF basic cash assistance participants. Along with sewing and design skills, participants learn work ethics and team work. GarCo Sewing Works-TANF students receive training while stabilizing housing, childcare and transportation to be ready for work and/or education.
GarCo Sewing Works is a sustainability-focused program. Training consists of making bags for local entities who do not want plastic or bags made in China. Materials are sourced from local hospitals & donations. In early 2015, The Whole Works, a CO Benefit Corporation, cut and sew manufacturing company opened less than two blocks from GarCo Sewing Works. Our dream of a private-public partnership that results in sustainable jobs for single mothers to get off TANF is on track.