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Aspen Daily News

New Bag Label Has it Sewn Up

A government-supported Garfield County sewing factory is hoping to ride Aspen’s animus toward plastic grocery bags into a program that gets people off of public assistance while trying to take back American industry.
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Aspen Times

Aspen Bag Ban Set to Begin

ASPEN – With Aspen’s ban on plastic bags provided at grocery-store checkout poised to start May 1 – a mere seven weeks from now – city employees and the two stores are gearing up for a change in shopping habits that’s sure to rattle some customers and inspire others.
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Colorado Mountain College

Garco Sewing Works Sews 4,500 Reusable Bags For City Of Durango

When talk of a fee on plastic bags first began circulating in Durango, city employees wanted to be proactive about finding a better option.
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