GarCo Sewing Works

Mission / Values

GarCO Sewing Works is dedicated in addressing women’s housing, transportation, childcare, medical and legal needs as well as education and training including their children in this rural-resort community so that they become economically secure. We aspire to offer job placements that are likely to earn a self-sufficiency wage and an ongoing specialized training and employee placement for The Whole Works manufacturing facility.

“GarCO Sewing Works has helped me be a better leader, teacher and encourager. Because I work with people from so many different backgrounds and with so many different issues it is amazing to see them come together around a common goal. Working here has boosted my self-confidence and has taught me how to sew on both industrial and home sewing machines. I am proud to work here and love it.”
~Jessica Lowry, Floor manager GarCO Sewing Works