GarCo Sewing Works

Other Products

Here at GarCo Sewing Works we don’t limit ourselves to only working with blue wrap. We get donations of all types of feed bags from the community. The women really enjoy taking the feed bags and “fussy cutting” them in order to get the best picture to create a stylish apron or reusable bag. We are also very lucky to have a great community of banks that have donated their old entryway banners and several towns have old banners. We’ve made bags out of XGAMES ski flags. Here again the trainees use their sense of design to place the pattern pieces so that words will wrap around the side of the bag. Sometimes a banner image is too large to go on one side so they make it to wrap around to keep the picture. GarCo gets a lot of fabric and notion donations from the community. This is great when we begin to make wine jackets or fabric bags to sell locally in the Christmas and Craft markets. Notions make it easy for to embellish any of our bags, wine jackets or aprons.

With many small privately owned coffee shops popping up we have been able to upcycle their burlap coffee bags create fun full or half aprons for the shop to use or sell. We have been asked to create windshield covers for the City of Aspen who has a 5 minute idling ordinance. We were chosen to create a dust bag to put leather clutches in to protect against dust and these were made out of white wrap that comes from the other side of the blue wrap. There are so many possibilities to create amazing sustainable products and it’s a great way for the women here to learn a new skill that can be used for a lifetime. A few more items we’ve created are:
Beautiful sacks and sachets for potpourri for a local lilac farm in Palisade
Warming bags to be filled with herbs for sale at the local Vitamin Cottage
Specialty mesh soap containers (MORE than soap on a rope!)
Running TUTUS- including a couple that were specially made for some ex-Broncos players for a Susan G Komen run for Breast Cancer!