GarCo Sewing Works

Trainee Eligibility

TANF: GarCo Sewing Works is first and foremost a training facility for parents on Garfield County TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Most often these are single mothers though we have had couples participate together. Students are assigned (or ask to be assigned) to GarCo Sewing Works through their Garfield County TANF Case Manager (Robin Bustad or Brooke Epling). They may do as much as 35 hours/week at GarCo Sewing Works, though most trainees are also in GED classes; Link to Success classes, Certified Nursing Assistant Courses or other educational programs leading to employment. The typical amount of training time at GarCo is 6 months. If a student LOVES sewing, we will facilitate cross training with The Whole Works, a small sewing manufacturing center just two blocks away.

WORK STUDY: Many students use their time on TANF to get ready for college. As part of financial aid, they can select to do Work Study and earn up to $12.00 an hour for 12-15 hours a week while they are enrolled in college courses. We have had several past (and current) TANF trainees become work studies at GarCo Sewing thus earning extra income with their financial aid with or without TANF.

If you are interested in TANF, please visit and see if you are eligible. If you are a college student wishing to do work study at GarCo Sewing Works, please see your campus financial aid officer, at CMC-Rifle that would be Janelle Cook, 625-1871.

The Garfield Department of Human Services in Rifle is located at 195 West 14th Street, Rifle, CO 81650 (970) 625-5282.

GarCo Sewing Works is also an EMPLOYMENT FIRST Workfare Site. Please see our Employment first page on this website for more information on this program.

On occasion, we have had community service participants, these must be cleared with the supervisor at the program, please call 384-8518 and make an appointment with Jill Ziemann, Director of CMC Go2Work Programs.